There are a fair amount of performance tracking tools in the market today. Even with so many options there seems to be gaps. Alacrity exits to help fill those needs. The goal is to provide developers a holistic overview of their application's performance along with very clear and actionable steps for improvement. 

Through clear visual indicators and data visualizations Alacrity does it's best to make sense of complex and potentially large datasets. Although the data may appear dry, the use of bright colors and elegant simplicity brings life to the experience.

Through development of a style guide and a full UI kit the interface has been thoughtfully constructed to help users navigate and reveal what's most important. The use icons and specific callouts help create a hierarchy that make's it clear what is most important and guide them to solutions quickly. Specialized graphs and visualizations were created to aid Alacrity's users make sense of their application's performance from a high level with very little effort.