The world has become smaller with all the technology at our fingertips but still we find pitfalls in presenting our work as designers. One of the common problems we face is presenting our work to clients in another region. Many tools are available that gives the opportunity for asynchronous feedback but very few, if any, are suitable for doing a live presentation. Most live tools do their best at screen sharing but the fidelity is low and they have their own problems. At Hashrocket I decided it was time to create our own tool for better presentations.

Compton allows users to create customized presentations and share them live with as many viewers as needed, regardless of their location. During the presentation the presenter has complete control and some helpful tools to make presentations more successful.

Working on Compton has been a complete joy because I get to see it’s impact first hand every time we have another successful presentation internally. Design presentations are becoming a lost art and hopefully as Compton grows it will help other designers leave their mark.