About Me

My name is Daniel Ariza and I'm a senior designer at Enbala, formerly of Hashrocket, where I help deliver clean, beautiful and intuitive ui for distributed power networks. I'm passionate about good design and powerful user experiences. I live in Denver, Colorado with my amazing wife and two children.

I’ve been designing professionally since 2001 and been afforded the opportunity to work with a great number of brands, musicians, record labels and companies. Along my journey I’ve won awards for print and interactive media, helped shape many products for the web and mobile, integrated with up and coming hardware and even helped launch applications bought by Fortune 500 companies.

Although my passion for design is unwavering, I recharge by hiking, snowboarding and spending time with my family through travel and spontaneous adventures. I find joy in overcoming challenges and collaborating to create top tier interactive products.


Work Samples

Past Clients Include:

Adobe, Aetna, Ericsson, LensRentals.com, Grid Connect, Search Discovery, FashionFit, Beeline, BeQuick, The Square Foot, Nerdular, PayPlayr, ComfortMaxx, Line 5, Haystack, Lean Startup Machine, MECLABS, TFS, Vertical Oar, African Leadership, American Bible Society, Anderson Design Group, Automophoto, BEC Recordings, Billy Ray Cyrus, Bongo Post + Music, Cornerstone Florida, Creative 24, The Crystal Cathedral, Dental Bliss, EMI, Essential Records, Ethics and Religious Liberties Coalition, Flicker Records, Graphix SI, Grassroots Music, Inpop Records, Jeremy Cowart, Joel Flory, Just1Word, Leong Architects, Life Baptist Church, MMA Creative, MP Network, Ottoson Management, Northland Church, Peter Cetera, Phil Breeden & Assoc., Provident, Russ Berger Design Group, Robin Mcgraw, Rocketown Records, Runway Network, Solid State Records, Sony Connect, Sony Music, Sony/BMG, Sparrow Records, Spring Hill Music, Summit Church, The Warren Brothers, Tooth & Nail Records, Unfiltered Records, Varda, Vogue Knitting, Warner Brothers, Waypoint Entertainment, Word Records, Word Distribution, X3 Church