Imagine an iOS app similar to Yelp but for booking open appointments and you would be on the right track for Ambit's focus. The brainchild of massage therapist who found that cancellations and open time slots were costing him money. As result Ambit uses a trusted network of small business and customers to fill open appointments and help entrepreneurs build their appointment based business. 


After an extensive session of wireframing and requirements gathering we were able to flush out much of the user interface and workflows. With the clients help, we were able to make informed decisions about how best to both provide a service for appointment based business but also create a quality consumer experience where they receive value and benefit from repeat usage.

With wireframes in hand we flushed out an identity for Ambit and intuitive interface the help shape the overall vision of the app. Using the mockups and brand we created a presentation for the client to shop to investors and businesses to help launch his new application.