The staffing industry is savvy and fast paced and in need of software that can keep up. We designed and built Herringbone to be a cut above. We dug deep into staffing problems and built software to help them do their jobs smarter and faster.

From tracking candidates to the overall reporting, Herringbone is one step ahead to enable it’s users to spend more time doing their job and less time trying to figure out the tools. We made finding candidates for jobs a breeze and created unique tools to track their progress.

Bad data is one of the biggest problems plaguing staffing firms. It happens so often that companies are just accustomed to not being able to trust their reports. This is why in every scenario Herringbone does its best to retain the integrity of the data it stores and set users up for success.

As an applicant tracking system we understand that asking a company to use our system internally is to ask them to run their business with us. We’ve taken this very seriously and work in an agile fashion, responding to user feedback quickly and modifying functionality to fit our customer’s needs.